Friday, July 6, 2012

Republicans say lets do trickle down economics,

Republicans say lets do trickle down economics, lets let things go from the top down. I wonder has any thing good ever built from the ground up, let's starts with stupid stuff... Castles either sand or stone built from the ground up, Cars built from the ground up, a house built from the ground up, Eiffel tower built from the ground up, Pyramids built from the ground up, Coutnries built from the ground up.

It sadness me how people things they have it bad... I know people that eat tortillas and beans or chilli peppers as a meal not once but every day and in a good month they can have an egg and that was in a whole month and a turkey... they would not even know what that taste like maybe a piece of pork a year.

I saw a Dateline episode an the woman had a cell phone and a huge SUV, the disconnection between what is a crisis and what is a minor problem is amazing. I have heard of drowning on a glass of water and just witnessed several events like those I have heard, in the TV. I have seen the others for sure front row. Let me tell you americans have not idea of pain, when what hurts is your pride rather than your stomach and your pride you have no idea what pain is.

I would like to make the world aware of what pain is and how good they have it, I would like for people to help others, when the political party who purports itself as the "right" and "religious" party who should abide by the teachings of JESUS, says to others you can go to hell I am not going to pay for your entitlement program (despite them paying into what they were promised) and pull yourself by the straps of your boots; and still despite such cruelty and damaging politics towards people (30-40%) vote for them, should we feel bad for the people drowning on a glass of water?

Mexicans take jobs no mexicans know how bad can it be, wakr up you have it good... not great not amazing, that was achieved by your grandparents... your parents got complacent... you got lazy. There are works just do it bring not your boots by the straps but your country, a great man said do not ask what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. With this stop every evening and ask your self not who I helped today but how many people I helped today, and have I help my country.

When you think you have it bad, turn around count your blessings, and help others as a good act will turn into a thousand..... remember you might be there one time and it feels so good to know someone cares and you are someone in this world, and Jesus loves the poor and not corporate tax loops or tax breaks, those are only for selfish, shallow, weak people that need to leech from others they are so weak they can not "pull them selves by their boot straps" don't weak

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are skittles and soda a lethal weapon or racism is alive and well in Florida?

Some days ago a young teenager (17y/o) was killed in Florida by a caucasian adult male (28 y/o). This racist loser has not been apprehended and still has a concealed weapon carrying permit. This guy made a call to 911 prior to killing this kid where he is heard saying I am following a stranger who has his hand on his waist AND HE IS BLACK. I am not black and I have never felt threatened by a black person with his hand on his waist, specially if the guy is walking away from me. But Okay maybe he is more of a wuss. He is told do not pursue, the guy pursues this KID. A neighbor calls 911 when she hears the ruckus outside, in the background the kid is heard yelling HELP, and then A GUNSHOT! Later the kid is found to have two deadly weapons yes SKITTLES and a SODA! I think Mr Loser Zimmerman must have been on fear of his life, as the skittles will be shot from the soda can just like bullets or that the KID would shove the skittles and soda up his ass and would cause him to go into a diabetic coma? He appears to be a fat loser at risk for diabetes so that would explain.

So then the police did not apprehend this WINNER. With the lame and inept excuse that a Florida law which states if you are threatened instead of fleeing you could "stand your ground and defend yourself " even using lethal force. How a law that on its title say "stand your ground" is used to protect a loser who clearly pursued a KID (which by itself it implies not standing) and after attacking the poor kid, he is protected by the law? Not to be a cynic well yes lets be... When has the law stopped the police from doing something, we all have seen them attack innocent people. So when they have a flagrant crime they are unable to realize is a crime or just being flagrantly racists themselves? And a proof of such is the event itself this is the KKK policing themselves! Or maybe the police officers are unable to read THE LAW and therefore unable to apply it? All the officers involved should be fired, they are to protect and serve ALL not only a FEW. As for Mr Zimmerman I hope he  eventually realizes he JUST KILLED A DEFENSELESS KID and will live with that knowledge for the rest of his insignificant life. Also hope he gets his fair punishment! As for the "law enforcement" officers hope they realize they just undermine their authority on the eyes of the country, state, neighbors and family, way to go!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Wussification of America

Nowadays everyone is complaining about the decline of the US. How we are in shambles economically, socially and educationally. On the other hand these days we give a prize or trophy to everyone for competing; we tell all kids they are unique and deserving of  the world! At the same time we shield them and protected them from anything and reassure them about everything. They don't study, "Oh the test is biased and does not reflect how intelligent is my baby!" We also applaud any monkey, that gets in a stage and sings encouraging them by throwing lots of money for singing stupid stuff. These "artists" are self-centered, drug addicts, histrionic and delusional. Many of these "stars" died and there is such a hoopla about how they died overdosed and people cry and celebrate such poor behavior. Such homage to these "stars" , only encourages our kids to look up at them and behave like them. So at the end a bunch of delicate, self-centered, lazy wusses come out of such a process. Many criticized the Tiger mom but is one of the few that got it right. How come is it, that navy seals are an elite force? When we want the best of the best, again like selecting people for the navy seals, do we give trophies to all of them? Are they taught to care only for themselves or, to not leave any man behind? When they get hurt do they home to mama and cry?

To make matters worse, these days many are complaining about education; some go as far as to say is too much and only creates liberal snobs, like the recent statements made by Rick Santorum. Others say we should get rid of the department of education like Ron Paul. Others lament that we are losing "The Greatest Generation". Has anyone studied history? What makes humanity advance? Is it only education? Is it only the hardiness of someone's Will that Santorum claims great Americans have?

I pose to you that the wussification of Americans is causing our country to be in this sad state of affairs and will eventually bring the US down unless corrected. Why do immigrants come to the US to improve their quality of life? When they come here, do they travel first class and come to suck on the government's tit? Through centuries immigrants from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, etc, have come to this country and earned their living with sweat and many times blood. That is what has been and formed the foundation of this country; the selection of individuals driven by Will to do better, to be better, to excel. It takes a lot of guts to leave your country, make a trip (many times in extreme perilous conditions), to arrive at the US, be discriminated and underpaid. Still through, and despite all of these events many succeed.

So why then subsequent generations become a bunch of wusses? My opinion is that due to the harsh conditions initial immigrants or others like the greatest generation go through, a compensatory mechanism of protecting their children causes such wussification. They want their kids to be protected, pampered and sheltered from such events. This sheltered life eventually leaves their children without learning the difficulties of life and causes the lack of motivation, skill and Will to perform as well as their parents did. The idolization of "artists" that become so rich with so little work, causes the people's belief that you can take shortcuts to success. There are so many jobs in this country from jobs in the field picking fruit, to jobs in industry requiring knowledge and training that is almost unexplainable how there is such a level of unemployment. If it is not for the lack of Will to either educate themselves or if that is not your forte well get to sweat it with hard jobs like farming. How many cushy jobs would the US have to generate to have everyone employed is impossible. Every one wants to work in a desk making thousands or in factories using gloves and not getting dirty! These factors are part of the cause the outsourcing.

So for this country not to be outsourced, or truly finish in shambles economically, socially and educationally the wussification has to END. I think that is partially what JFK referred to when saying "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country", that feeling of peoples complacency is what he tried to shake from the American public. To truly be a strong union we first have to be individually strong or as others have said “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Don't be a WUSS your country needs you!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Church's religious Megaorchidism (aka big balls!)

Just in case you don't know what megaorchidism is let me first define the word MEGAORCHIDISM. Well Mega = BIG and Orchid = testicle. How is it that the only freedom of religion is to have one and the religion you must have is catholic!Where are the rest of the people? If allowed to continued unchecked will have a religious or if you want to hear a more familiar term Sectarian violence. The catholic church again shows the intolerance they are well known for, while having major faults of their own? What faults you might ask? 

Well the greed who do they help? When have you heard they have contributed monetarily to a crisis? like Haiti, Japan, Darfur or helping sick people..."Oh they do" really have you heard any of them going out to vaccinate kids in India, or help in the cholera outbreak in Haiti, or tuberculosis in Asia, or intervene in Mexico's drug war, or Malaria in Africa? Sitting pretty in the vatican pointing fingers at people is very easy! Look at me I am doing it! I see drones of priests and bishops in the vatican have you seen them like that in any other crisis?

What about the hate they are causing between Americans? Their actions are causing religious zealots to start flinging the proverbial monkey feces at others.  They should be the first to recognize they are overstepping, they are taking money from women or depriving them for healthcare they on their own religious or lack thereof have thought and decided they want or need.

Their Megaorchidism also is apparent by other actions, how many priest live in the vatican? What do they do, how much money it requires for them to be all dressed up? Even more the HIV epidemic that can be prevented with a simple condom, the church would rather have people not use condoms than avoid HIV. In essence people are dying because the church rather hold to their delusions than to acknowledge their own and other people's weakness and flaws. The sheep that they should care and defend with their life like Jesus really preached them to do, as He exemplified by going to die for them has not taught them a THING! Do they help anyone? Their neighbors are suffering, Greek, Spanish, Italian how have they help them? For how much they demand of everyone, how much do They give? 

Is the church up in arms when their money (well really is their parishioners) goes to buy a video or photographic camera, memory card and TOYS to be used by pedophile priests to RAPE children? Then when they put their house in order they can start stoning everyone else!

They are childish petty arrogant delusional and selfish. Although I wanted to finish the previous sentence with pedophiles, that would be behaving like they do. But my perception of how they have denied and hide child rape and abuse and the many other failings of the church while attacking and flinging their monkey feces at others has gained them the term MEGAORCHIDISM.

Monday, February 13, 2012

United Nation of Morons

I am shocked, dumbfounded, amazed, taken aback, astonished, flabbergasted, of the united nations inaction. How is it the united nations can not at least unitedly condemned what Al Asad is doing? Even the media  are just starting to say maybe a civil war is brewing? Really the brutality, the deaths and copses in the street aren't enough? What would be enough? What what kind of people work in the united nations? Blind well I think blind and stupid. That Russia and China are vetoing any measures, why because they want the freedom to do the same to their people or the money generated by selling them weapons is that much? Really absurd, seen genocide and standing by, lets take a minute stand and applaud for the amazing weakness, cowardliness, and a demonstration of how useful is the united nations. At least the Arab league has come out and ask for help from the united nations, sadly likely many hundreds if no thousands will die before something is done. In the united nations at least they should have a recourse to overcome the weakness or monetary interest of few countries and if a majority of countries 90-95% of them agree to a measure it should be taken.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fairness by the Taxman or "Class Warfare"

Nowadays we have a constant debate about how fair tax rates are. Many say everyone should pay the same, but this is not realistic. Today someone making $9500.00 pays $1004 (11%), someone making $9,5000.00 pays $20,224.00 (21%), someone making $950,000.00 pays $332,500.00 (35%). The person at lower income will pay only 1K, the higher income 332K. Is this fair? Well some will say, higher income individuals pay more (obviously they would be correct), and lower income individuals pay less and therefore is unfair, and trying to make changes are "Class Warfare" Now then, the current tax scheme must have a justification. I think most agree you pay a share of your income and not the same amount to be fair and therefore the actual percent and progressive nature of our tax code. Most would understand that increasing the tax rate or amount of absolute money a lower income individual would pay could cause them to suffer and possibly to fall into poverty. But then why would we make the higher income earners pay more? Should they pay less and then make government to function with less? Why would they be willing to pay more? Would services provided to them be worthwhile paying more? What services are provided for them, that would be worthwhile. Well I think these are some of them:

6) Communications and transport. Well, this one is easy and likely won't cause much controversy. Highways, telecommunications, satellites, internet. This infrastructure regulated constructed and in many occasions subsidized or initially developed by the government, provide a great benefit for higher income earners that lower income earners do not get.

5) Safety and protection. What goes into this? well, Military, police, firefighters. The government develops, maintains and regulates these services. These services are of even more significance to high income earners as the security, stability, and safety in this country is key for conducting a business. No stability means no business, again look at other countries that lack any of these protections.

4) Legal and Judicial system. Although low and high income people would use the system, the burden and hours taken by high income earners is higher. How? well, cases involving complex financial instruments or contractual obligations require more time and resources and knowledge by the judicial system (judges, state attorneys). Also, the benefit of having a fair judicial system which provides stability to the country is very important. If you don't believe me, look at the amount of investment in countries with judicial instability and corruption, low or none. No corporation or individual would put money on an unstable country.

3) Education programs. Although this could be easily rebut with the argument that government provides schools to go, and although true, the benefit for high income earners is not a direct but an indirect one. Population being educated and trained to take jobs that will require significant education and training is a cost the government subsidize. These persons then would be available for companies who are obviously controlled by high income earners.

2)Welfare programs... Again I expect a gasp when I say this. How are high income individuals going to get welfare? No, that would be silly, the benefit to them comes when people who are poor and could pose a danger as desperation could cause them to cause crimes, but this is avoided by having welfare benefits. See other countries, the unrest caused by poverty would harm the country stability and therefore investment, companies ability to conduct business etc.

1) Financial regulation.... WHAT! are you insane? how is that a benefit? Well high income earners have complex financial instruments, for these to be profitable and have financial stability regulation and oversight needs to be created to which a low income earner have no use for and will never have access to this system. The instability that the lack or dysfunction of such a system would cause, was recently seen with the mortgage blunder, and losses by those with a lot of money were massive. Not only direct losses occurred, but due to losses to families living day to day that can't absorbed, caused such families to close their wallets and companies to saw their sales drop. So at the end protecting financial structure by regulation is essential for high income individuals. Despite many proposing capitalism equals no regulation, capitalism requires stability therefore regulation is needed to provide stability, actually very simple right?
Therefore if you take all these into account, the expenditures that are done towards higher income individuals is much higher. I do not have a number or source for this and getting all this information would require significant research. But I would point to some facts that would be much simpler: look at countries with weak or lacking of any of these infrastructures, and their ability to generate money and high income individuals is much less. I would argue that that is why companies want to do business in the USA.

Which brings me to companies... Why if according to the supreme court corporations are individuals, they do not pay taxes like other individuals? If they have free speech like Us, why they don't pay the same TAX RATE like Us. If you are an American and you earn income in another country you pay first the tax applied in that country and if it is lower rate than what you would pay in the USA, you pay the difference to the US government. No taxation without representation right? They get representation WITHOUT the same taxation! This therefore disenfranchises the low and middle income population, who would make the state of affairs unfair and expect instability which at the end will harm them. But for now they are getting away with it. As any of Us they conduct business here, they should pay taxes like Us. If they do not like it, go make business in other countries. Oh no..... they would leave the USA, Oh no we will suffer.... pious baloney, the income this companies get from the USA is most of their income and they would have major losses if they leave. To have the benefits they get in this country, that enable them to make large profits they should help cover the above expenses the government incurs for THEM, they should pay for them! What do you think?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The legalization of religious discrimination

In our daily lives I do not go around asking are you Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Evangelist or other. Before I continue full disclosure I am Catholiquish? My blogging itch today is because in politics religion in my opinion appears to be given too much importance. When someone doesn't demonstrated their affiliation to a religion they are though as bad people. While actually religion has been the excuse for many atrocities, whichever you like inquisition, annihilation of culture for religious reason, discrimination on basis of religious beliefs.

Today the church is crying injustice because they have to provide the contraception as part of healthcare for women and seem not to understand why. They can not have go into business an who requires employees for it to function an not provide the same benefits to their employees that other companies do. That is the cost of business, and the employees rights; you do not like the implications get out of it. Also not even the bible states they need to put a school, or a hospital and charge money, and be exempt of the rules others abide to. If they were so good souls, and not in for the money providing services for free, no one would tell them they need to abide by those rules, as that would not be commerce. Also they can not elect to put a business and hire only people that have an antiabortion view, is illegal to discriminate in this country based on beliefs! They are doing business with the public they need to abide by the rules the public abide to.

I am not sure, why they believe they have the moral superiority to make every one submit to their will. When Muslims do this (trying to get away with sharia law) they are call terrorist, and they can not impose sharia law and no one would let them impose it to others. When a Muslim based on his beliefs (sharia law) kills a woman for adultery, or they are punished for even being alone with one, our country with religious freedom won't allow it why wouldn't they have religious freedom, NO that is crazy. Religious freedom means you are free to believe what you want, not that you are able to make others believe what you want, or prosecute or harm them based on your religious delusions! Why would the church be different. What moral superiority do they have when their institution has participated in covering the abuse of children? Which is their more recent misdeed, but there are tons of things they've done wrong (and tons they done right let's be fair). But any other organization would be banned from being able to care for children once they done that (abuse them). Nobody says they should be banned from taking care for them and they certainly won't point that out themselves. Why when they get away with things they do not cry about it. Like what you might ask, well.... what about in god we trust in the money, what about god reference when being sworn into office, again what about being allowed to continue to take care for children when they have molested them, what about not paying taxes which should be illegal using those contributions to alter political discourse tax free, Muslims donating to a mosque and they turn around and give it to fanatics to commit terrible acts with the pretense that they are following their religious beliefs is that fair? They could argue "I believe you being and adulterous cheater deserves the death penalty". Is not right and the Catholic, Mormon and other get away with it. Every Christian would be up in arms if Buddha, Mohammed, or other deity would be inserted in money the constitution or given privileges the church gets. Also they would say they are being prosecuted if they were to be stripped of their privileges, yes privilege is not a right otherwise other religions should have the same right.

Get off your mighty horse you are not unique, recognize as Jesus told you, You are humans just like the rest, stop being judgmental, and discriminatory and play by the rules like the rest. Do not feel unique, no one is prosecuting the church or Christians. Do not turn it around, people are not that stupid; they are just being nice and civil and not cry babies like you and know if they speak up you will go after them like a MAD person, just like the church has done in the past over and over and over, with crazy prosecutions and name calling, telling them they'll go to hell and etc. Grow UP! I wonder do they ever stop and look in the mirror?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012! I need to get me one of those

  Well just saw the news, Obama is going to accept the help of SuperPACs. Although do not like it, I suppose it was inevitable. I started looking up SuperPACs and found some interesting information about them and here it is:

   Do you know there are 160+ Republican SuperPACs and 70+ Democratic SuperPACs, and from putting the funds that the 4 top democratic SuperPACs have is less money than the second SuperPAC and less than half of what the top republican SuperPAC has? Amazing the top Republican SuperPAC ( Restore Our Future) has 30,179,652!!!!!!!!

  The top second (American Crossroads) has 18,368,102 and had a contribution by Harold Simmons of 5,000,000! Just think of this, a person making 60K a year would have to work 83 years to earn 5 million dollars, and that is before taxes. Just the insanity of Plutocrats and politics.

  Well I hope all that money leaves the conscience of the politicians unbiased, untouched, untarnished, so that they help who truly elects them THE PEOPLE, remember still their salary is paid  by OUR TAXES, yes the measly 99%, the little people. Well I suppose I am a hopeless optimist.

Elect your favorite crazy person

To start with I am a tiny tiny bit of a sarcastic person, with that said, the above links talk about the "job creators" or as the Citigroup reports named them plutocrats, and how concerned they are with the rest of Us, that we all live comfortable, healthy and happy everafter. I am not sure when does a person says WOW I have a lot... but a lot of money? Not like oh I can buy 10 cars kind of money but I can buy 10 countries kind of money. When would a person say I have nothing more I could own I'll start giving things away helping people. Certainly there are such individuals, Buffet, Gates, Bono, Oprah? But is the minority who would do such a thing. What I do not understand is not the lack of action from the affected but the actions of the affected that worsen their situation. Let me illustrate my point with the following example: "Joe the plumber"; Joe turned out to be low income and has never made more than a five figure salary (40K per links below), not only that but he also owed back taxes! Yet he complained of taxes being raised to any person that would earn more than 250K, WHY? He will never earn such amount! does he believe he would become at one point of his life a high income individual? when? when he won the lottery? when he is discovered by the media and becomes a star? No I give you one better BECOME A POLITICIAN! he now is running for office, raising funds for his campaign and pays himself from those funds! (apparently legal). How much you would ask, well 5K a MONTH! Now he earns (5K x 12) 60K a year hooray! and he doesn't need to work, only spew non-sense to get elected (look it up well documented; well the non-sense bit I leave for you to decide). Well done... do not help others just abuse them, do onto others what is done to you? Well at the end I think I do understand; sad but understandable? Cannot beat the loosers join them. Still he is not making 250K, so there you go.... his concern about taxing high income earners still not gonna affect him, he'll never be a plutocrat (likely still has delusions of grandeur). Only thing I hope he paid his back taxes! the funniest and ironic thing is that people donating for his campaign, that share his concerns about taxes will have their money used to pay someone else taxes! they in essence will be paying double the taxes on their own free will. Again cannot believe how people shot themselves in the foot that way, but I digress.

My point; money brings unintelligent abusive people that can be manipulated by rich people out to govern the rest of Us, and there is no deterrent only incentives. Others with the mentality of becoming a plutocrat try to get in the game, and at the end just cause harm to others. Is amazing how in times of crisis, humans come together. Such events gives Us all hope, but most of the times is Darwinism.... welcome to the JUNGLE (the survival of the fittest). In essence we have not learned from history, if you elect crazy abusive people you will be oppressed and abused very simple but yet not learned by all of Us. I think you would agree that however these individuals come to power (supported by their party or elected) allowing crazies (Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, Papa Doc Duvalier, Assad) to govern is a bad idea.

Well what to do? Although for presidency we have televised presidential debates, which allows the general public to learn a bit of how CRAZY candidates are, by the ideas they pitch to the public (e.g. like a moon base that will become an American state, or going back to gold to be used as a currency, or a bunch of paperwork in an office drawer being a person deserving all the considerations of a human being), we do not have any way to tell when a person is running for office. I am sure you are faced with the same feeling that I have...... WOW how can I pick only one!? please can I have ALL OF THEM. So what if for local office, governor, mayor, sheriff and well, why not... also for presidential candidates we should have a means of finding before hand how mentally unstable they are. Maybe they should have an IQ test prior to becoming a candidate or go onto a spelling bee contest (at least we would know ahead of time that they don't know how to pronounce nuclear -what a shame and he represent Us?-). But I think the best solution should be, that they MUST have a thorough psychological profile test done. Then results MUST be posted outside of the voting poll. That way you could elect your favorite crazy person. What do you think?

If you would like any documentation of what I spew please check Wikipedia, Google, history books, news reports etc...