Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elect your favorite crazy person


To start with I am a tiny tiny bit of a sarcastic person, with that said, the above links talk about the "job creators" or as the Citigroup reports named them plutocrats, and how concerned they are with the rest of Us, that we all live comfortable, healthy and happy everafter. I am not sure when does a person says WOW I have a lot... but a lot of money? Not like oh I can buy 10 cars kind of money but I can buy 10 countries kind of money. When would a person say I have nothing more I could own I'll start giving things away helping people. Certainly there are such individuals, Buffet, Gates, Bono, Oprah? But is the minority who would do such a thing. What I do not understand is not the lack of action from the affected but the actions of the affected that worsen their situation. Let me illustrate my point with the following example: "Joe the plumber"; Joe turned out to be low income and has never made more than a five figure salary (40K per links below), not only that but he also owed back taxes! Yet he complained of taxes being raised to any person that would earn more than 250K, WHY? He will never earn such amount! does he believe he would become at one point of his life a high income individual? when? when he won the lottery? when he is discovered by the media and becomes a star? No I give you one better BECOME A POLITICIAN! he now is running for office, raising funds for his campaign and pays himself from those funds! (apparently legal). How much you would ask, well 5K a MONTH! Now he earns (5K x 12) 60K a year hooray! and he doesn't need to work, only spew non-sense to get elected (look it up well documented; well the non-sense bit I leave for you to decide). Well done... do not help others just abuse them, do onto others what is done to you? Well at the end I think I do understand; sad but understandable? Cannot beat the loosers join them. Still he is not making 250K, so there you go.... his concern about taxing high income earners still not gonna affect him, he'll never be a plutocrat (likely still has delusions of grandeur). Only thing I hope he paid his back taxes! the funniest and ironic thing is that people donating for his campaign, that share his concerns about taxes will have their money used to pay someone else taxes! they in essence will be paying double the taxes on their own free will. Again cannot believe how people shot themselves in the foot that way, but I digress.

My point; money brings unintelligent abusive people that can be manipulated by rich people out to govern the rest of Us, and there is no deterrent only incentives. Others with the mentality of becoming a plutocrat try to get in the game, and at the end just cause harm to others. Is amazing how in times of crisis, humans come together. Such events gives Us all hope, but most of the times is Darwinism.... welcome to the JUNGLE (the survival of the fittest). In essence we have not learned from history, if you elect crazy abusive people you will be oppressed and abused very simple but yet not learned by all of Us. I think you would agree that however these individuals come to power (supported by their party or elected) allowing crazies (Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, Papa Doc Duvalier, Assad) to govern is a bad idea.

Well what to do? Although for presidency we have televised presidential debates, which allows the general public to learn a bit of how CRAZY candidates are, by the ideas they pitch to the public (e.g. like a moon base that will become an American state, or going back to gold to be used as a currency, or a bunch of paperwork in an office drawer being a person deserving all the considerations of a human being), we do not have any way to tell when a person is running for office. I am sure you are faced with the same feeling that I have...... WOW how can I pick only one!? please can I have ALL OF THEM. So what if for local office, governor, mayor, sheriff and well, why not... also for presidential candidates we should have a means of finding before hand how mentally unstable they are. Maybe they should have an IQ test prior to becoming a candidate or go onto a spelling bee contest (at least we would know ahead of time that they don't know how to pronounce nuclear -what a shame and he represent Us?-). But I think the best solution should be, that they MUST have a thorough psychological profile test done. Then results MUST be posted outside of the voting poll. That way you could elect your favorite crazy person. What do you think?

If you would like any documentation of what I spew please check Wikipedia, Google, history books, news reports etc...

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