Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The healthcare vultures


In the USA many complain the cost of healthcare is very high and the media as the mindless, headline sellers that they are, only repeat non-sense and never really delve into the details which could bring to light the real vultures in healthcare. Are you aware that medication and hospital care is the most expensive part of your medical bill? The doctor is the least costly part of your care can you believe that? You know you pay more for a air conditioner, refrigerator technician or a plumber to come to your home than for an hour with a physician? You know that insurance companies bully physicians with prices? Many physicians do not see medicare or medicaid patients due to the poor reimbursement? The insurance companies delay payments to physicians and maybe a month or two later they will reimburse your doctor? Not only that the insurance companies several weeks or months later can tell the physician... "I do not believe you performed these services I am not paying you" and it could be either the full amount or part of it. So you think they earn a lot, well in comparison to other profession with the same years of training (4 years of med school 3 years of specialty) no they earn much less, also the amount of personnel required for billing the insurance companies an the government is paid by the doctor. The insurance company grabs your money before hand and cheats the doctor and the hospitals, if you don't believe me why do they have such large profits? What do they do? grab your money hold it and give it out when they get your bill from the doctor, so they do nothing! no only that but they can dump you anytime they want hopefully with the law changing they'll stop that practice. Now hospitals they are a bit smarter they have a powerful association which lobbies the government and presents a uniform front to insurance companies, which allows them to set their cost and avoid being bullied by insurance companies. Hospitals also get money from the government to train physicians, which also is a bargain, as when they have a physician in training they pay them less than what a nurse gets paid. Why? Well their argument is they are in training and they are costly, you know hospitals get around 150K for a "Doctor in Training" and they pay them 30 maybe 40K a year? This for 3 years at least! So as the physician works underpaid and provides care for the patients in the hospital the hospital charges the insurance company full price and keeps the rest. So why the doctors don't organize like the Hospitals? Well insurance companies blocked them from doing so. How? Well, their argument is they are not employees of the insurance company they are employed by the patient, they just happen to make a large profit from them and bully them and take profits to buy... sorry "lobby" government to block them from unionizing. The only way to get think more fair and better for the patient is blocking lobbying by insurance and hospitals. You want better care pay your doctor what he deserves, otherwise your money would be kept by vultures in the insurance company and wall street.

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