Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The legalization of religious discrimination

In our daily lives I do not go around asking are you Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Evangelist or other. Before I continue full disclosure I am Catholiquish? My blogging itch today is because in politics religion in my opinion appears to be given too much importance. When someone doesn't demonstrated their affiliation to a religion they are though as bad people. While actually religion has been the excuse for many atrocities, whichever you like inquisition, annihilation of culture for religious reason, discrimination on basis of religious beliefs.

Today the church is crying injustice because they have to provide the contraception as part of healthcare for women and seem not to understand why. They can not have go into business an who requires employees for it to function an not provide the same benefits to their employees that other companies do. That is the cost of business, and the employees rights; you do not like the implications get out of it. Also not even the bible states they need to put a school, or a hospital and charge money, and be exempt of the rules others abide to. If they were so good souls, and not in for the money providing services for free, no one would tell them they need to abide by those rules, as that would not be commerce. Also they can not elect to put a business and hire only people that have an antiabortion view, is illegal to discriminate in this country based on beliefs! They are doing business with the public they need to abide by the rules the public abide to.

I am not sure, why they believe they have the moral superiority to make every one submit to their will. When Muslims do this (trying to get away with sharia law) they are call terrorist, and they can not impose sharia law and no one would let them impose it to others. When a Muslim based on his beliefs (sharia law) kills a woman for adultery, or they are punished for even being alone with one, our country with religious freedom won't allow it why wouldn't they have religious freedom, NO that is crazy. Religious freedom means you are free to believe what you want, not that you are able to make others believe what you want, or prosecute or harm them based on your religious delusions! Why would the church be different. What moral superiority do they have when their institution has participated in covering the abuse of children? Which is their more recent misdeed, but there are tons of things they've done wrong (and tons they done right let's be fair). But any other organization would be banned from being able to care for children once they done that (abuse them). Nobody says they should be banned from taking care for them and they certainly won't point that out themselves. Why when they get away with things they do not cry about it. Like what you might ask, well.... what about in god we trust in the money, what about god reference when being sworn into office, again what about being allowed to continue to take care for children when they have molested them, what about not paying taxes which should be illegal using those contributions to alter political discourse tax free, Muslims donating to a mosque and they turn around and give it to fanatics to commit terrible acts with the pretense that they are following their religious beliefs is that fair? They could argue "I believe you being and adulterous cheater deserves the death penalty". Is not right and the Catholic, Mormon and other get away with it. Every Christian would be up in arms if Buddha, Mohammed, or other deity would be inserted in money the constitution or given privileges the church gets. Also they would say they are being prosecuted if they were to be stripped of their privileges, yes privilege is not a right otherwise other religions should have the same right.

Get off your mighty horse you are not unique, recognize as Jesus told you, You are humans just like the rest, stop being judgmental, and discriminatory and play by the rules like the rest. Do not feel unique, no one is prosecuting the church or Christians. Do not turn it around, people are not that stupid; they are just being nice and civil and not cry babies like you and know if they speak up you will go after them like a MAD person, just like the church has done in the past over and over and over, with crazy prosecutions and name calling, telling them they'll go to hell and etc. Grow UP! I wonder do they ever stop and look in the mirror?

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