Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SuperPAC..man! I need to get me one of those

  Well just saw the news, Obama is going to accept the help of SuperPACs. Although do not like it, I suppose it was inevitable. I started looking up SuperPACs and found some interesting information about them and here it is:

   Do you know there are 160+ Republican SuperPACs and 70+ Democratic SuperPACs, and from putting the funds that the 4 top democratic SuperPACs have is less money than the second SuperPAC and less than half of what the top republican SuperPAC has? Amazing the top Republican SuperPAC ( Restore Our Future) has 30,179,652!!!!!!!!

  The top second (American Crossroads) has 18,368,102 and had a contribution by Harold Simmons of 5,000,000! Just think of this, a person making 60K a year would have to work 83 years to earn 5 million dollars, and that is before taxes. Just the insanity of Plutocrats and politics.

  Well I hope all that money leaves the conscience of the politicians unbiased, untouched, untarnished, so that they help who truly elects them THE PEOPLE, remember still their salary is paid  by OUR TAXES, yes the measly 99%, the little people. Well I suppose I am a hopeless optimist.

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