Monday, February 13, 2012

United Nation of Morons

I am shocked, dumbfounded, amazed, taken aback, astonished, flabbergasted, of the united nations inaction. How is it the united nations can not at least unitedly condemned what Al Asad is doing? Even the media  are just starting to say maybe a civil war is brewing? Really the brutality, the deaths and copses in the street aren't enough? What would be enough? What what kind of people work in the united nations? Blind well I think blind and stupid. That Russia and China are vetoing any measures, why because they want the freedom to do the same to their people or the money generated by selling them weapons is that much? Really absurd, seen genocide and standing by, lets take a minute stand and applaud for the amazing weakness, cowardliness, and a demonstration of how useful is the united nations. At least the Arab league has come out and ask for help from the united nations, sadly likely many hundreds if no thousands will die before something is done. In the united nations at least they should have a recourse to overcome the weakness or monetary interest of few countries and if a majority of countries 90-95% of them agree to a measure it should be taken.

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