Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your corporate logo for US President!

Koch brothers driving anti-Obama hate machine

The above website shows how the Club of Billionaires (sorry "job creators") are making sure they stay rich. Instead of squeezing the 99% they should use their money to truly create jobs or help poor people. It will be very interesting to see if so much money will brain wash common people to vote against their own interests, with the promise of you can get to be one of Us, our fortune trickles down, we create your jobs, capitalism is good. Hiding the fact that they put politicians in power (funding their campaigns with their money and not ;-) in any way buying them), who then in turn pass legislation (no quid pro quo here, move along) to decrease their taxes (15% capital gains) only because is "right for the American people". Not happy with that, evade taxes in this country putting their money in foreign banks, and to top it off invest in other countries, undermine unions (that help protect workers rights), and oppose legislation which would decrease middle income Americans their taxes stating is class warfare.

Well you say another crazy liberal rant.... Wait let me make it clear that I am not a democrat (or obviously a republican). I think there is a fundamental problem in politics, let me explain. It is difficult to ask a person hungry for power (politicians), to not listen to to who in their view put them in power. It would be crazy not to listen to them.... yet we want them to listen to the people who truly put them in power but in their view never gave them a big fat check. To make it a bit more clear, If you had a kid and their grandparents give the kid a big nice present every 2 years, who would the kid listen to? Their parents that feed them clean them etc... or their grand parents? Is just human nature.

How to clean the political environment and have true democracy? how to make the majority decide and not be the victim of the rich minority? But also allow the rich to have a voice? after all is a democracy. You would need to make it human-nature-proof. Humanity always has looked to get away with something. Therefore Politicians should disclose contributions for elections and their income as they are public servants. But I would propose something more dramatic and entertaining NASCAR, NFL, NBA everyone proudly display their sponsors logo right? but politicians like to hide the hand, the dirty hand that feeds them. Well then I think a politician MUST wear a vest  with the names or logos of every person (yes that includes companies as per the supreme court) that contribute to their campaign in any way shape or form, or a full body suit (like NASCAR) if there is not enough space. Makes it easy to recognize the interests behind them. So you could tell, Oh that is the Halliburton candidate, that is the BP candidate and so on. Crazy idea? The size of the logo would be according to the amount of money they get from the sponsor, just like any sport.

Oh yes I forgot human nature....  and nothing like hiding behind a superPAC ( "Restore Our Future", "Winning Our Future", "Priorities USA Action")  logo, it must be the name of the person who gave money to support them. No hiding behind the curtain, no Wizard of Oz! (Karl Rove, Harold Simmons, Paul Singer, Bill Burton, Sean Sweeney, etc.)

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