Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are skittles and soda a lethal weapon or racism is alive and well in Florida?

Some days ago a young teenager (17y/o) was killed in Florida by a caucasian adult male (28 y/o). This racist loser has not been apprehended and still has a concealed weapon carrying permit. This guy made a call to 911 prior to killing this kid where he is heard saying I am following a stranger who has his hand on his waist AND HE IS BLACK. I am not black and I have never felt threatened by a black person with his hand on his waist, specially if the guy is walking away from me. But Okay maybe he is more of a wuss. He is told do not pursue, the guy pursues this KID. A neighbor calls 911 when she hears the ruckus outside, in the background the kid is heard yelling HELP, and then A GUNSHOT! Later the kid is found to have two deadly weapons yes SKITTLES and a SODA! I think Mr Loser Zimmerman must have been on fear of his life, as the skittles will be shot from the soda can just like bullets or that the KID would shove the skittles and soda up his ass and would cause him to go into a diabetic coma? He appears to be a fat loser at risk for diabetes so that would explain.

So then the police did not apprehend this WINNER. With the lame and inept excuse that a Florida law which states if you are threatened instead of fleeing you could "stand your ground and defend yourself " even using lethal force. How a law that on its title say "stand your ground" is used to protect a loser who clearly pursued a KID (which by itself it implies not standing) and after attacking the poor kid, he is protected by the law? Not to be a cynic well yes lets be... When has the law stopped the police from doing something, we all have seen them attack innocent people. So when they have a flagrant crime they are unable to realize is a crime or just being flagrantly racists themselves? And a proof of such is the event itself this is the KKK policing themselves! Or maybe the police officers are unable to read THE LAW and therefore unable to apply it? All the officers involved should be fired, they are to protect and serve ALL not only a FEW. As for Mr Zimmerman I hope he  eventually realizes he JUST KILLED A DEFENSELESS KID and will live with that knowledge for the rest of his insignificant life. Also hope he gets his fair punishment! As for the "law enforcement" officers hope they realize they just undermine their authority on the eyes of the country, state, neighbors and family, way to go!

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