Friday, March 2, 2012

The Church's religious Megaorchidism (aka big balls!)

Just in case you don't know what megaorchidism is let me first define the word MEGAORCHIDISM. Well Mega = BIG and Orchid = testicle. How is it that the only freedom of religion is to have one and the religion you must have is catholic!Where are the rest of the people? If allowed to continued unchecked will have a religious or if you want to hear a more familiar term Sectarian violence. The catholic church again shows the intolerance they are well known for, while having major faults of their own? What faults you might ask? 

Well the greed who do they help? When have you heard they have contributed monetarily to a crisis? like Haiti, Japan, Darfur or helping sick people..."Oh they do" really have you heard any of them going out to vaccinate kids in India, or help in the cholera outbreak in Haiti, or tuberculosis in Asia, or intervene in Mexico's drug war, or Malaria in Africa? Sitting pretty in the vatican pointing fingers at people is very easy! Look at me I am doing it! I see drones of priests and bishops in the vatican have you seen them like that in any other crisis?

What about the hate they are causing between Americans? Their actions are causing religious zealots to start flinging the proverbial monkey feces at others.  They should be the first to recognize they are overstepping, they are taking money from women or depriving them for healthcare they on their own religious or lack thereof have thought and decided they want or need.

Their Megaorchidism also is apparent by other actions, how many priest live in the vatican? What do they do, how much money it requires for them to be all dressed up? Even more the HIV epidemic that can be prevented with a simple condom, the church would rather have people not use condoms than avoid HIV. In essence people are dying because the church rather hold to their delusions than to acknowledge their own and other people's weakness and flaws. The sheep that they should care and defend with their life like Jesus really preached them to do, as He exemplified by going to die for them has not taught them a THING! Do they help anyone? Their neighbors are suffering, Greek, Spanish, Italian how have they help them? For how much they demand of everyone, how much do They give? 

Is the church up in arms when their money (well really is their parishioners) goes to buy a video or photographic camera, memory card and TOYS to be used by pedophile priests to RAPE children? Then when they put their house in order they can start stoning everyone else!

They are childish petty arrogant delusional and selfish. Although I wanted to finish the previous sentence with pedophiles, that would be behaving like they do. But my perception of how they have denied and hide child rape and abuse and the many other failings of the church while attacking and flinging their monkey feces at others has gained them the term MEGAORCHIDISM.

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