Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To think Obama got a novel prize?
To think Obama got a novel prize?
What a disappointment!

Religious freedom or privilege!
I am so happy this group is suing the IRS. Catholic, mormon, or other churches and other religious groups spending money in politics without consequences is unfair.
  They want to have a voice on political discussions pay your taxes! Remember no taxation without representation? they have representation without taxation! That is a good deal for them but not for others.
Religious groups come out in support of a candidate, then the general population due to fanaticism or laziness and without thinking vote for that candidate based on religion not on merit. Leading to election of a politician, that is due to religion and because of the narrow views that the religious group has and not the good of the majority

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Accomplices to the recession, will they be held accountable an pay?

Finally will get to see if any of the accomplices of the investment banks and mortgage lenders are held accountable.  I hope this trial gives more information in the collusion that exist between investment banks, mortgage lenders and the agencies that rate them.  Which kept saying this investments were AAA all the way until it was too late....well I suppose it could have been all the way to a depression. 

Despite the importance of this issue the main media has not even brushed the news. Why? 

Additionally with the light shed on this issue, hopefully some regulation could be put in place, to prevent banks paying rating agencies for the grade they get. Is like you paying your teacher so he grades you as you like, then you pay them generously.  Which teacher would not give you an A+?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Study finds Religious people are less intelligent
Well this just confirms what I suspected. Believing someone would create us from nothing for his pleasure and amusement is just silly. If  that were to be truth why to wait so long and not provide the Bible to so many brilliant people like Mayans, Egyptians Aztecs? Weren't them god's children? Were they not worth of god time and effort? how if he created them?

Additionally if you consider that an addiction is a weakness of mind, well the statement that religion is the opium of humanity points to what is clear, persons that want to believe on a God responsible for what happens to them, can then justify their lack of effort, entrepreneurship, work, thought to someone else but themselves.

This clearly explains why fanatics of religion have done and do the stupid things they do, like the terrible things the inquisition did, the conquest of america or current terrorist acts. You never here the terrorist was a smart, intelligent well educated person always a maladjusted, uneducated, fanatic person looking for their 'reward" on the "next life".

Religious people judging other people from a different religious affiliation is just like watching dumb and dumber and dumber pointing the finger to dumb, saying you are crazy, will go to hell and due to believing on what I do not believe... well I'll need to kill you? Because your mere existence is an abomination to the god that made them both? Any of this makes sense? Insanity or stupidity I say the latter!

Republican intelligence is it a unicorn or really could exist?

“I will bet you, for most of you, you go home in the next two weeks when your members of Congress are home, and you look them in the eye and you say, ‘What is your positive replacement for Obamacare?’ They will have zero answer,” Gingrich said.
Gingrich blamed the problem on Republican culture that rewards obstruction and negativity instead of innovation and “being positive.”

When some one says something intelligent like this, you might think why is he not a politician. Then you see who it was and are amazed by how coherent the guy is knowing he proposed a new state to be formed in the moon and form part of the US. Why do politicians pander the masses and listen to handlers? Not sure if is just a one hit wonder, or he really does have more than a neuron in his head and able to contribute to the nation and help the prosperity and recovery of the country.

Well hope someone listens to his uniquely truthful words within the right, the left, the center, above, below, this world and the next. As although obamacare could provide some help is not a perfect solution. To stop the only option is not only stupid but irresponsible. Someone think the only proposed solution is wrong well see what is wrong and propose something better, rather than wasting time trying to de-fund the only proposed solution. So many futile attempts have been made I would almost be certain that if instead of doing these futile attempts they would all put their heads together (despite the oligophrenia of many of our politicians) we could get something wonderful that would really take of people. But that would be utopic and would not take on account the money behind many of the political decisions that get done.

The government you deserve... The sequel

Wow, I know there is freedom of speech, unfortunately some use that freedom to say ignorant stuff without any shame. Is at time impressive and also quite disappointing that some persons feel proud of their ignorance and furthermore that voters will elect people because of that! Again, we get the governance we deserve.....when will people start demanding knowledgeable politicians?

The government you deserve

As you can read here ( it seems we been electing crooks! Just out to benefit themselves and taking money from lobby groups, consequently damaging working people. You think you deserve this? if you think this is not the government you deserve, then be ready to let them know with your vote!
Do not forget your future is on their hands, elect someone that will give you a better future

Monday, August 5, 2013

What is the value of your life?..... 19 firefighters dead yet families do not get the same benefits

There were several (19) firefighters that died fighting a fire in Yarnell Arizona. Now some of them (Ashcraft and others) are not getting death benefits and this is being decided by city administrators as they say he was not working full time. Administrators are stating because of being seasonal employees, do you think they got seasonal employment when the season was low and no fires or high and more fires? Therefore getting less benefits when working when the most work and risk there is would actually be worse for them and had earned them higher benefits no lower! Although in other areas of employments the other reasoning could apply (less work less benefits) theirs would not be the case.

It is a shame to see the bravery of these unique firefighters to be abused by cowardly pencil pushers, hiding behind their desk.

Well hope god, karma or other exist and hope it comes with interest and there is no pitty towards them and city administrators if god karma exist... well I do not wish ill to no one but would not feel sorry for you... Still if God or other exist well hope you come to your senses and do the right thing for such valiant people that put their life on the line for the greater good.

To their families I hope all the best for you and God, Karma or your loved one is looking over you and with all my heart hope you get what you deserve, I certainly will be sending all my vibes, prayers, good wishes towards you....