Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Study finds Religious people are less intelligent
Well this just confirms what I suspected. Believing someone would create us from nothing for his pleasure and amusement is just silly. If  that were to be truth why to wait so long and not provide the Bible to so many brilliant people like Mayans, Egyptians Aztecs? Weren't them god's children? Were they not worth of god time and effort? how if he created them?

Additionally if you consider that an addiction is a weakness of mind, well the statement that religion is the opium of humanity points to what is clear, persons that want to believe on a God responsible for what happens to them, can then justify their lack of effort, entrepreneurship, work, thought to someone else but themselves.

This clearly explains why fanatics of religion have done and do the stupid things they do, like the terrible things the inquisition did, the conquest of america or current terrorist acts. You never here the terrorist was a smart, intelligent well educated person always a maladjusted, uneducated, fanatic person looking for their 'reward" on the "next life".

Religious people judging other people from a different religious affiliation is just like watching dumb and dumber and dumber pointing the finger to dumb, saying you are crazy, will go to hell and due to believing on what I do not believe... well I'll need to kill you? Because your mere existence is an abomination to the god that made them both? Any of this makes sense? Insanity or stupidity I say the latter!

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