Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The immoral compass of humanity

I see some have been talking about the misfortune of kids in Syria. While the crimes being committed are unimaginable and unforgivable, the US should not go in. This will eventually evolve to boots in the ground where again the US is not welcomed and shot by both sides. This is evident as they demand US to go in kill the other side, but is there manifestations of support for US to go in? You know Us flags in the streets, cheering US/Obama to go in? Easy to later see the US flag and/or president effigy burning.

Why other Muslim countries are not going in, or speaking up and backing the US to go in? (Saudis are doing it but silently). Are people in other countries demonstrating support for US intervention? Right now children in Syria are either being killed or their parents, leaving them orphans. This is very sad and unforgivable, but soldiers also have children and those children also would hate to not have a father or mother. Soldiers that eventually go in, will end up being shot by both sides! Intervention without thinking of the consequences would be an action that would irresponsible to our country.

Syrians should demand help from countries they do like, like Iran, Iraq, Russia, and go burn their flag and called them cowards for not only not going in and helping, but for helping to keep a mass murderer like Assad in power and blocking efforts from countries willing to assist. Where is the flag and effigy burning for Putin, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Hassan Rouhani, and many others or their flags.

The moral compass of the world is messed up, but that does not make it right for kids here to grow without parents too. Want to see views of each country take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_reactions_to_the_Syrian_civil_war

Although this commentary (http://www.theglobalist.com/selective-morality-syria/) is right, in regards of who is the US to talk about wrong doing; that is a weak argument for not intervening. They have done wrong therefore should not intervene when a crime is being done? The wrongdoing of Assad is unforgivable but US involvement at this time in that place is not helpful and will only cause more agitation and death. Countries that in the past have provided support to Syria, have to assist Syria and stop their silence and cooperation. Not sure who thinks the regime can get itself back to normal business and continue benefiting from their misfortune? I would think the Syrian population thinks it has gone to far for the population to move on. Well I know my blabbering will not accomplish anything but I do wish someone had a magic wand and was able to fix this. Could requiring a higher level of education to people in government help avoid this disasters?

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