Monday, May 8, 2017

The business of government=taxpayer

My personal view is that our current president (the best...est one, ever and ever....  according to him) will not be beneficial to our country. But with that said my only hope was that he would have truly approached the country as a business. Now it sounds easy but what should the government do? What should it encourage, discourage, enforce and prohibit?

To understand this I think the person managing the business should understand what the business is and therefore can get specific business plans directed to such goals (AKA government policies). In a business if you produce bikes, well develop the best bike, you produce phones well develop the best phone (and the iphone is not it), this together with HR, acounting, marketing, R&D and so many other departments your business will need. My personal view is the government should focus on the production of the best taxpayer. What??? Yes the best taxpayer that is what the government produces; how so, well when a child or immigrant arrives to the country, would it not be the highest benefit that such a person gets to produce his maximum for as long as possible?

So to do so you would need to foster and develop an individual that on the majority of his productive life will earn an income that will generate taxes for the government, and all other rolls for the government would derive from such approach, so that you need the individual:

1) well trained therefore education
    a) from primary to university
    b) retraining when unable to perform their job due to:
          i) the industry where the indvidual was earning income closes or decreases (Pinsetter,
              Telegraph or Switchboard Operator)
          ii) health issues that impede from performing current job
    c) forecast changing industry needs and encourage training in future jobs for a) & b)

2) healthy therefore healthcare, EPA, FDA, USDA etc

3) able to go to work therefore transportation FAA, DOT, etc

4) able to safeguard their person and belongings therefore, police, military, banks, financial system, DOJ, etc

5) able to obtain goods without being conned by others therefore consumer protection agency

6) productivity can be decreased if mentally burden and to avoid this maintain good areas for living, tourism, transit, a clean & safe environment, access to food, entertainment, this is left usually unattended by governments

7) Unoppressed by other taxpayers, therefore regulations in  case of any of the cisms (sexism, racism, etc), therefore DOJ, police etc

8) Remove the burden of illness, poverty from the other produtive members, such that if someone is unable to work does not go hungry, does not die, sounds very technical but in terms of a business there should be ajustification why being a good person is good business

9) pay their taxes at the end that is the source of funds to provide all the benefits to foster the best taxpayer therefore IRS

Although many of these areas are run by the government, not all should be run by the government. Allowing the individual to develop and derive income from any activities that the government would deem beneficial to its goal, should be encouraged as could comeback and benefit the governments goal of the best taxpayer. There are so many more reasons why the government exist, and potentially other rolls it should play again not running all of them but encouraging  their existence.

If an individual has a counter productive behavior, it should discourage suh behavior, and ultimately enforce a punishment if clearly is counterproductive.

Well my idea of government.... What you think?

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