Friday, July 6, 2012

Republicans say lets do trickle down economics,

Republicans say lets do trickle down economics, lets let things go from the top down. I wonder has any thing good ever built from the ground up, let's starts with stupid stuff... Castles either sand or stone built from the ground up, Cars built from the ground up, a house built from the ground up, Eiffel tower built from the ground up, Pyramids built from the ground up, Coutnries built from the ground up.

It sadness me how people things they have it bad... I know people that eat tortillas and beans or chilli peppers as a meal not once but every day and in a good month they can have an egg and that was in a whole month and a turkey... they would not even know what that taste like maybe a piece of pork a year.

I saw a Dateline episode an the woman had a cell phone and a huge SUV, the disconnection between what is a crisis and what is a minor problem is amazing. I have heard of drowning on a glass of water and just witnessed several events like those I have heard, in the TV. I have seen the others for sure front row. Let me tell you americans have not idea of pain, when what hurts is your pride rather than your stomach and your pride you have no idea what pain is.

I would like to make the world aware of what pain is and how good they have it, I would like for people to help others, when the political party who purports itself as the "right" and "religious" party who should abide by the teachings of JESUS, says to others you can go to hell I am not going to pay for your entitlement program (despite them paying into what they were promised) and pull yourself by the straps of your boots; and still despite such cruelty and damaging politics towards people (30-40%) vote for them, should we feel bad for the people drowning on a glass of water?

Mexicans take jobs no mexicans know how bad can it be, wakr up you have it good... not great not amazing, that was achieved by your grandparents... your parents got complacent... you got lazy. There are works just do it bring not your boots by the straps but your country, a great man said do not ask what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. With this stop every evening and ask your self not who I helped today but how many people I helped today, and have I help my country.

When you think you have it bad, turn around count your blessings, and help others as a good act will turn into a thousand..... remember you might be there one time and it feels so good to know someone cares and you are someone in this world, and Jesus loves the poor and not corporate tax loops or tax breaks, those are only for selfish, shallow, weak people that need to leech from others they are so weak they can not "pull them selves by their boot straps" don't weak