Monday, May 8, 2017

Install lubuntu, ubuntu or xubuntu on ASUS T100TAF

T100TAF is a small asus pc with detachable keyboard using Winblows 8 or 10, with either OS the system is SLOOOOOW.

So with the purpose of making it faster I set o get a version of ubuntu to work on this thing, I was able to get ubuntu, ubuntu installed and loading but I went with lubuntu thinking do not need any major software to do word processing etc, just wanted browsing (for netflix, amazon) and KODI for my home mythtv box. This PC is 64bit so to maximize use I've installed 64bit which makes things a bit trickier in terms of booting but with this will be simple enough to get it done, I think. To be able to do this I've googled left and right this blog help a bit to get things going but the wifi instructions in my case didn't work, nor the rest

So first thing is get lubuntu on a USB, from windows or linux the simplest is unetbootin, you don't know how to do that for ubuntu look at this:, but the commands to do this is:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install unetbootin

Then start the program (should be in one of the menus) select lubuntu distro live (I grabbed 16.04), to make the 64 version boot you'll need a file called bootia32.efi you can download this from someone (but being myself a bit paranoid and because I'm not familiar with the complexity of these files) I downloaded first the 32 bit version on the folder EFI/Boot there is the file copy somewhere you'll need this is a bit.

Then get the 64 bit version by the same process and copy the bootia32.efi into the EFI/Boot you'll know you are putting in the right place because there sould be 64but version. (this is needed because apparently this pc has a 32 bit efi)

Now boot the tablet, quickly press esc key that will bring the boot menu select enter setup (right now I think maybe f2 will get you in the bios but can't remember with certainty so press esc and enter setup)

Go to the boot section and disable secure boot, then reboot, pres esc select your USB and wait

I like to have the installer get the files it needs, you need to make wifi work and it doesn't out of the bos therefore, once you have the initial lubuntu or any other distro boot menu, do not select install select try first, this should load the OS (from now on will refer only to lubuntu but it works the same for xubuntu or ubuntu)

OK lets make wifi work, a bit of context: there is a text file in the pc's memory that is needed for wifi to work but in can be copied to the OS and then used. You do this by doing the following:
1) Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t)

2) Copy file with this command: sudo cp /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/nvram******** /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43340-sdio.txt

2a) To get the full name when you get to nv press the Tab key an it will autocomplete the name of the file

3) Then do these command:
sudo modprobe -r brcmfmac
sudo modprobe brcmfmac

Apparently these commands load and unload the module so it resets, I think

4) The above step should have enabled your wifi (is not instantaneous so wait 5-10 secs at most) and therefore go to the icon for networks and a list of APs should be available select and connect

5) Go through the installation and that should get lubuntu on your T100TAF (I erased the disk but made a full backup image with clonezilla)

6) Unfortunately I do not know how to make the installer, install the drivers for the wifi and despite the system at that moment being able to use wifi it won't get installed so therefore repeat step # 2 to #3 and the driver will be installed. This will make it available after reboot but might need to be repeated when installing/updating anything that would change your kernel or so I think, but don't despair just repeat those steps

7) Some say they've been able to get audio going but I followed instructions and it has not worked

8)Also bluetooth doesn't work despite supposedly having the broadcom driver, not sure what it is but the bluetooth manager doesn't seem to fin any adapter and using hcionfig shows a MAC address with only zeros which I think is related to the problem but I have not been able to figure that one out so far.

BTW Do not enable the additional intel microcode driver it makes it freeze

For some reason the intel drivers do not install properly as some will some won't be already installed for the i915 as i understand or baytrail or something like that. I noticed this while updating the kernel and other things where it goes to the process of creating the kernel or something like that. Well any way go here:
This intel website will provide with the drivers missing, if you look into the folder /lib/firmware/i915

download the ones you think you need and then unzip from your file manager or however you usually extract files

cd to directory where you extracted and run the script within the directory with

sudo ./

sound or bluetooth won't work despite doing this

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